Mixed Fruit Salad

Mixed Fruit Salad:

custard powder(veneela flavour) - 3 table spoons
Milk - 1/2
sugar-1/8 grams
fruits-(banana,apple,pomegranates,grapes,tooty fruity,water melon)
Dry fruits-badam,kaju,pista

fresh fruits


step 1:take 3 table spoons of custard pwd in a bowl and mix it with little amt of cold milk or water and keep it a side.

step 2:take a bowl and pour milk in to
it. heat the milk, add little amount of sugar now add custard powder solution slowly with continuous stirring.Continue stirring for 10 - 15 minutes in low flame.remove the bowl from the stove and keep it a side until it get warm. now  place it in a refrigerator for 1 hr

step 3: all the fruits are made in to small slices.Remove the custard milk from the refrigerator.Then add all the fruits slices into the custard milk.Finally garnish with dried fruits and with tooty fruity and serve into bowls.

Mix Fruit salad


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