Mint Aloo Bath rice item

 Mint Aloo Bath rice item

Serves 3


Basmathi rice - 1 1/2 C
potatoes - 6
cloves- 3
cinnamon-1/2 inch
mint-1/2 C chopped and tightly packed
green chilies -6
red chili-1
turmeric pwd-1 tsp
oil-4 tsp



   step 1:  Cook rice in rice cooker with 1:2 water.and boil potatoes 10 min
  step 2: peal of potatoes and cut it into bit size chunks. Microwave these potatoes in bowl for 5 min so that they all are cooked.

  step 3: Take a pan
and add 4 tsp of oil when it is heat, add cloves,cinnamon,cardamon,red chills, zeera(nejjella), salt for taste and leave it few mint.

 step 4: then add green chilies and fry for 1 min so that all spice mix to fried
step 5: now add potatoes and turmeric.fry on medium  flame stirring frequently so that all potatoes get evenly coated brown color.

step 6:now potato mix is ready and then add cooked rice into that and mix them in slowly then leave it into 1 min for simmer covered with lid.
   the color full mixed mint Aloo bath is ready to eat and serve.





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