Fruity Coconut Rice recipe

Fruity Coconut Rice recipe

                 Rice cooked in coconut milk and with fruits.

Cooking Time 25 min
category veg
serves 3


Rice - 1 cup
mixed fruits - 1 can (pineapple,peach,papaya,apple,grape)
coconut milk - 3 cup
butter - 1 tsp
sugar - 10 tsp
pistachios  - 2 tsp
almond - 1 tsp



     first Rice  soaked in to a bowl for 20 min after that prepare a cooked a rice in pressure cooker

step 1: Heat coconut milk in a pan, add cooked rice, mix well and simmer.

step 2: Heat butter in another non-stick pan, add mixed fruit and toss. Add 3 tbsps brown sugar and mix well for some time and put it a side.

step 3: Add 5 tbsps brown sugar to the rice mixture and mix well till the sugar is in the last stage to ready.

step 4: First put the rice mixture in the serving bowl, sprinkle pistachios over it. Place fruit mixture over them and sprinkle almonds.

The sweetest and coconut rice is ready for serving.....

It is very tasty to eat

fruity rice


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