Indian Home made Sunni Undalu / Urdal Dal Laddulu recipes

Indian Home made Sunni Undalu / Urdal Dal Laddulu:

uradl dal

              I love this laddu's. I have not tasted this one until 22 years,once my friend took hostel on that time i  feel very lucky to which is my favorite even now,it is very famous in Andhra.My Family members  likes this a lot and hence I learnt the recipe for my friend and now I make this on my own when ever he  demands for it.This is a very healthy laddu and it definitely adds strength to the body.

sunni undalu

There are many variations to the recipe and traditionally these are made either with white urad or black urad and either sugar or jaggery is used to make this(are mix with sugar and jaggery).The only difference is the color of laddus when made with black urad it turns out bit dark in color.I have stick to black whole urad and jaggery in the recipe considering the nutrition and calories for the recipe.Generally no dry fruits are added to the recipe but hubby and me love to bite in the roasted nuts in laddu's and hence I chose to add badam and pistachios for healthy option instead of cashews.The only thing which I could not avoid is ghee as it is very essential to make laddus and also makes it extra tasty. compare to sugar taste,Jaggery is better and  tasty.



roasted black whole Urad flour(recipe follows)-1 cup
grated Jaggery - 1 cup
 Ghee - 1/2 cup
Almonds - 50 grams (chopped)
Pistachios - 50 grams (chopped)

sunni undalu


step 1: Dry roast whole urad over medium flame until you get nice color and well roasted ,it takes around 4-5 mins and let it cool and then powder them into a smooth powder.

step 2:This powder can be refrigerated 3-4 months and when required you just to mix with ghee and jaggery and make sunnunda.

To make sunnundalu:

Step 1: Take powder Mix together grated jaggery and roasted urad flour without any lumps and it is mixed properly.Check for the sweetness now if you want more sweet add 3-4 tbsp extra grated jaggery and mix well again.

step 2: Heat ghee in a  pan and add chopped badam and pistachios and fry them until the badam turns slightly brown.

step 3:Add urad flour and grated jaggery mixture to it and switch off the flame.Mix it properly until the ghee is coated properly.

step 4: Let the mixture becomes luke warm and can be handled with hands.Make  round balls out of it and arrange them in a plate(laddu size depends you).

step 5:Once it is cooled completely store it in an air tight container.These can be stored for over a month.

step 6:The Flavor will come very good to eat ultimately.



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