Home made Green Tea Recipe

Home made Green Tea :

Green Tea is a wounder full beverage with potential health benefits and glowing skin color,but if you don't  no the simple Technics / Tips.don't worry it is easy  to make simple cup of Green Tea.  

Green Tea


1. Green Tea bags,leaves
2. Water - 1 cup
3. Thulasi leaves -8
4. Honey - 3 tsp
5. Lemon juice -1/4 th



first of all you determine how many cups of Green Tea you would want t make:

    One tablespoon of green tea leaves powder(5 grm of leaves) per 1 cup of water,it will  comes 1 cup of braved Green tea

step 1: Measured out of the desired amount of Green tea leaves.and place them in to a strainer.

step 2: Take a glass fill with water and heat the water for 5 min with medium flame,

step 3: steep the leaves in to hot water  for 2 to 3 min.but not any longer, after that pour heated water in to the another cup.


step 4: let your Tea cool down for few mint's.

step 5: Add honey,lemon juice in to that hot water ,and stirred it well..
Green T
step 6: and enjoy your perfect cup of Green Tea to drink.



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