Indian Homemade Ariselu Sweet recipes

Indian Homemade Ariselu Sweet recipes:


Ariselu may be a famous sweet that is formed during the festival of Makar Sankranti. it's a South Indian pan-fried sweet dish. it's created using rice flour, herbaceous plant seeds and jaggery. it's sometimes seasoned with cardamom powder. This sweet is also known as Arisa or Athirasallu. Makar Sankranti may be a competition that comes when twenty one days when the solstice. it's common in north and eastern-central Republic of India. it's referred to as as Athirasam and is served in tamil nadu. the most difference between ariselu and athirasam is that the addition of the sesame seeds and coconut in ariselu.

preparation time 1 hr

serve 5


Rice-1 kg
oil or ghee for fry
Jaggery-1/2 kg
sesame seeds-1/4 th cup
water for -1 cup


1.Wash the rice and soak it for around 8 hours. Drain the water from the rice and keep it on a cloth for drying.

2.Now grind the rice well during a mixie and make it into a fine powder.

3.Shred the jaggery items and put it during a pan. Add some water to the carbohydrate and dissolve it by boiling on low heat. build thick sweetener of this boiling mixture on low flame.

4.Gradually add the ground rice thereto and keep stirring continuously. make sure that there are no lumps in it. take away the pan from the stove. make small balls out this mixture.

5.Press all the balls on a plastic sheet in order to form them like small round pan cakes. to decorate, roll of these puris lightly in the sesame seeds.

6.Now heat some oil in another pan.

7.Deep fry of these puris on terribly low flame until they flip dark brown in color.

8.To remove all the oil totally from the ariselu, you can place it between 2 flat ladles so press out all the oil utterly.

9.Now repeat the above procedures until all the dough is over and the ariselus are deep-fried utterly.

When they are cool, you'll be able to store them in an airtight container. These ariselus that square measure deep-fried can last for over around two weeks some.


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