Lemon Rice Recipe

Lemon Rice Recipe:

lemon rice

             Yesterday was a busy day and meant less time within the kitchen. created a simple, lemon-flavored, vibrant colored rice that wasn't only fast to prepare but brightened up my day. Relished it with food and papas. associate degree all time favorite particularly during travel and as picnic food. Love the way how a pinch of turmeric adds color and also the visual attractiveness of seasoning of spices, curry leaves and peanuts, nestled among the rice.


Rice--1 cup
curry leaves-10
oil-4 tap
salt to tate
turmeric pwd-1  tsp                                       ground nuts--2 tsp
chana dal-1 tsp
urad dal-1 tsp
red chili-3
green chillies -3
musted seeds-1/4 tsp


1 . Soak the rice before 15 min,and cook it .Take a lemon juice it into one bowl.


2.Heat oil in a vessel, add the mustard seeds and as they start to sizzle, add the dals and permit them to turn slightly red, add curry leaves, green chillis, grated ginger, red chillis and fry for few a lot of secs.

3. Add aforesaid and turmeric pwd, cooked peanuts and mix. turn off heat.

4. Add salt to taste and  add  the juice and mix well. Add the seasoning and mix that it coats the rice well.

5. taste and if you feel that it wants consequently tang, add a lot of juice accordingly.

6. Serve with any curry of your choice.


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