Home Made Bringal Curry

Bringal curry preparation:

 preparation & cooking: 30 Min                                              



Bringals:   1/4kg
ginger :1table spoon
termeric powder: half T soopn
coriyender leave powder: half T soopn                                  
chilli powder : half table soopn
pinch menthi powder
tast for salt
For Poppu: half soopn
onion:1/2 peice


            heat oil in a cooking vessel,after that half soopn
of pop seeds let them pop.And add it curry leaves and add half onion put it in sim flame in 1min.Add it termeric pwd and ginger past cook for 1 min.
           Add the bringals and fry for 20 min on medium high it will be rosted.after that add couriyander pwd
half  T soopn remove it 5 mins.it will be ready for the tasty  curry..serve with hot rice and rooti or poori.

brinjal fry



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