Mango Pulihora recipe

    Mango Pulihora recipe:

fresh mangos


          Mango -1 (raw mango)
          Rice - 4 cup
          Lemon - half piece
          Mustard seeds- little amount
          Black grams - 1 tsp
         Ground nuts - 4 tsp
         curry leaves-5-6
         red chili-3
         green chili -4
         turmeric pwd -1/4 tsp
         salt to taste


step 1: Boil the rice and take it in a bowl.

step 2: peel off the Mango and grate the Mango.


grated mangos

step 3: Add the grated mango to the rice and add lemon juice too,and mix it well.


step 4:take a pan and heat it then add oil,add mustard seeds,black grams,ground nuts,red chili,curry leaves and then turmeric powder  and salt.

step 5: now add the rice into the pan and mix it well in a low flame 5 minutes.the Mango pulao is redy to eat...

mango pulihora


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