Beetroot Vadas Recipe

Beetroot Vadas Recipe:

      Crisp on the outside and soft inside,vadas served with chutny,taste delicious,Beetroot   vadas famous and papular everywhere in India.different comunities have their own variation of this recipe.


Beetroot   -250 grm
channa dal- 125  grm
cashew nuts-50grm
coriander leaves,chopped- a hand full
Green chili-2
ginger-1 inch piece
garam masala-1 tsp
cooking soda-a pinch
salt to taste
oil for fry



 Take Fresh beetroot and clean it well with water.

1. Peel off the beetroot and paste the beetroot finely.


2. Fry the dal in a little oil to a golden color and grind it to a paste.fry the cashew nuts and pound them coarsely.

3. Mix this with the rest of ingredients in a pan,except the soda,and cook on low flame,tiil the mixture turns thick.


4 remove from the fire,cool,add soda,and knead to asmooth paste.

5. divide the paste into small balls and each one in to a round vada.

6.take a pan ,keep in to the stove and add oil and heat it some time like10 min.


7. deep-fry in oil till golden color.


8 Drain thoroughly and serve hot with chutny  



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