Pala Kova Sweet At Homemade

Pala Kova Sweet At Homemade:

Pala Kova Sweet


milk--5 cup
sugar-2 cup
badam-10 gm
cashew nuts--10gm


1. Take the five cups of milk in a heavy bottomed wide mouthed vessel. In Medium-High heat bring it to boil (Takes 15 minutes) [Stay close to the stove and be watchful if you're employed with medium-high heat. If you have got a non-stick vessel you can use since milk can scorch in later stages of cookery.]
Once the milk boils, scale back flame to Medium-Low. Scrap the perimeters of the vessel and stir the content from time to time.

2. In next twenty minutes, the milk reduces to  bear in mind to stir and scrap the dry milk from time to time.
In next twenty minutes, the milk reduces to  bear in mind to stir and scrap the dry milk from time to time.

3.In next 15-20 minutes, the milk once more halves turning into a pale yellow color. Take extra care from this stage since the milk tends to burn/scorch in no time if you’re careless observance it. so stir and scrap the milk solids terribly frequently. in this stage most of the water vaporizes from the milk turning it into a thick consistency with a granular texture (as shown within the image to your Right). [If you would like to create paal kova, add 2 tbsp. sugar and 1/8 tsp. cardamom powder during this stage and blend well and continue with 

4. In next ten minutes, the milk starts to solidify. flip flame to Low since the natural process can quickly get burnt if unmarked. don't ditch stirring oftentimes.
Solidifying milk – close-up shot.

5. In next ten minutes the color of the milk changes to creamy yellow and thickens additional. add sugar stirr it[Be watchful. Stir. As milk gets firmer and firmer it'd burn quickly if you do not stir frequently] 

6. In next 5-10 minutes, most of the water content evaporates from the milk and solidifies the milk utterly. Now, after you stir, the content stir along firmly into one mass. switch off the stove. Bring it to temperature.add cashew nuts and badam choped, Fresh, homemade Indian Khoya/Koa is now ready! Khoya/Mawa thickens more once it reaches temperature (Takes around 20-25 minutes). Transfer the khoya into a dry container. close it and refrigerate the koya if not exploitation immediately.


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