Puff Pastry Recipe

Puff Pastry Recipe:

This formula is for purists who insist on home-baked ingredients. creating your own puff pastry from scratch isn't troublesome, however may be a long and conscientious method. arrange on 3 days to create this puff pastry because the 1st and last steps need long refrigeration. Once you browse through the directions, you'll arrange to merely use the ready puff pastry from the deep freezer case at the market!

Prep Time: thirty six hours, 10 minutes
13 ounces (390 g) general flour

puff pastry


1-1/2 tsp (7 ml) salt
3 ounces (90 g) tasteless butter, cold
7 fluid ounces (210 ml) water, cold
10 ounces (300 g) tasteless butter, softened


To form the detrempe, sift the flour and salt along in a very massive bowl. Cut the cold butter (3 ounces) into tiny items then cut the items into the flour till the mixture resembles coarse meal. 

Make a well within the center of the mixture and add all the water promptly. employing a rubber spatula or your fingers, step by step draw the flour into the water. combine till all the flour is incorporated. don't knead. The detrempe ought to be sticky and shaggy-looking.
urn the detrempe out onto a gently floured surface. Knead the dough many times by hand, misreckoning it into a ball. Wrap the dough tightly in plastic and chll long. 

To appear the butter, 1st prepare the softened butter by inserting it between 2 sheets of wrapping. Use a kitchen utensil to roll the softened butter into a parallelogram, roughly five inches by eight inches (12.5 centimeters by twenty centimeters). it's vital that the detrempe and butter be of virtually equal consistency. If necessary, permit the detriment to take a seat at temperature to melt or chill the butter in brief to harden. 

On a gently floured board, roll the detriment into a parallelogram roughly twelve inches by fifteen inches (30 centimeters by thirty seven.5 centimeters). elevate and rotate the dough as necessary to stop protruding. 

Use a dry pastry brush to brush away any flour from the dough's surface. Loose flour will cause grey streaks and might stop the puff pastry from rising properly once baked. 

Peel one piece of wrapping from the butter. Position the butter within the center of the parallelogram and take away the remaining plastic. Fold the four edges of the detriment over the butter envelopment it utterly. Stretch the dough if necessary; it's vital that none of the butter be exposed. 

With the bifold aspect facing up, press the dough many times with a kitchen utensil. Use a rocking motion to make ridges within the dough. Place the kitchen utensil in every ridge and slowly roll back and forth to widen the ridge. Repeat till all the ridges area unit doubled in size. victimization the ridges as a place to begin, roll the dough out into a sleek, even parallelogram roughly eight inches by twenty four inches (20 centimeters by fifty centimeters). take care to stay the corners of the dough as right angles. 

Use a dry pastry brush to get rid of any loose flour from the dough's surface. Fold the dough in thirds, sort of a letter. If one finish is broken or in worse condition, fold it in first; otherwise, begin at very cheap. This completes the primary flip. 

Rotate the block of dough ninety degrees so the bifold edge is on your left and also the dough faces you wish a book. Roll out the dough once more, repetition the ridging technique. Once again, the dough ought to be during a sleek, even parallelogram of roughly eight inches by twenty four inches (20 centimeters by sixty centimeters). 

Fold the dough in thirds once more, finishing the second flip. cowl the dough with wrapping and chill for a minimum of half-hour. Repeat the rolling and folding technique till the dough has had a complete of 5 turns. don't perform over 2 turns while not a resting and chilling amount. cowl the dough utterly and chill long before shaping and baking. 

Yield: a pair of pounds (1 kg) 

Approximate values per 1-ounce (30 g) serving: Calories one hundred twenty, total fat nine g, saturated fat vi g, steroid alcohol twenty five mg, atomic number 11 a hundred and ten mg, total carbohydrates nine g, macro molecule one g, fat-soluble vitamin V-day. 

Notes: it's not necessary to figure with the complete block of dough once creating bouchées, cookies or form. Cut the block into thirds or quarters and work with one among these parts at a time, keeping the remainder chilled till required. 

Puff pastry sheets could also be frozen. Fold finished rectangles in thirds and wrap tightly before freeze. dethaw within the icebox before victimization.
puff pastry


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