Home Made Sorakaya Pappu Curry

Home Made Sorakaya Pappu Curry:

Home Made Sorakaya Pappu Curry


sorakay--1/2 kg
moong dal-1 cup
green chilli-6
cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
zeera-1/4 tsp
salt for taste
termeric pwd-1 tsp
oil-3 tsp
curry leaves-10
tarmarind-take lemon size


1.Take Sorakaya clean it, peel it and chopped into small species .

2.Take  moong dal,soak it for 10 min and clean it, next light a stove keep dal into that stove and add chooped sorakaya and add water into that leave it for 15 min.

3. After that Add green chili's,termerick powder,tomatoes and tamarind leave it for 10 min it will be cooked

4.put off the stove and add salt for taste blend it for thick paste well mix the above cooked vegetables.

5.take a pan put it into the stove and add  3 spoons of oil and heat it for 2 min after that add onions chopped and cumin seeds,curry leaves and leave it for 3 min it will turn redish color.

6.after add the sorakaya paste into the oil and leave it 2 min.sorakaya pappu is ready to eat rice or chapati or roti..   
Home Made Sorakaya Pappu Curry


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