Idle Upma Recice

Idle Upma Recice:

Idle Upma Recice

As the name clearly suggests, it's upma made with idli. this can be the proper way to pack up leftover idlis. What do you do with the idlis lying in the icebox from the previous night's dinner and is rock solid within the morning? straightforward, it transforms into this delicious upma for breakfast. It's morphed so well that it tastes higher than the actual idlis. There ar such a lot of ways that to prepare this upma. you'll be able to simply dice the idlis into tiny items, do some tempering and fry the idlis. Add some vegetables thereto or prepare a tomato-onion gravy and mix the pieces of idli thereto and even more. the following technique is my grandmother's version of preparing idli upma with few changes by me.


oil-2 tsp
chana dal-1 tsp
curry leaves-8
mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
raw peanuts-
toor dal -1 tsp
onion-1 chopped
green chilli-2
grated ginger-1 tsp
turmerick pwd-pinch
salt to taste


1.Take 7 Idle's Break it from your hand and mix it well to prepare Idle upma.keep it a side.

2.Take a pan and Add 2 tasp spoons of oil and leave it for 2 min it will hot and addMustard seeds and chopped onions and green chilli's leave it some time it turn gold colour.

3.After that add raw peanuts,chana dal,toor dal,turmerick pwd,salt to taste,grated ginger 1 tsp
and leave it for 2 min.

4.last you will Add breaked Idle into that pan and mix it well until warm. hot special idle upma ready to eat.


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