Hot Hot French Fries Recipes

Hot Hot French Fries Recipes :


potatoes-1/4 kg
oil- for fry
pepper for spicy taste(optional)

Hot Hot French Fries Recipes


1. Get some potatoes. you'll would like 1-3 medium potatoes per person.

2. Wash, dry, and peel the potatoes 

3. Fill a dry pan with edible fat about 1/3 of the way full. Set the stove on medium heat. If your stove has number settings, set it to eight.

4. Using a sharp, clean knife, chop the potatoes with caution. you'll build the slices as thick or thin as you would like, simply check that they're all concerning the same thickness.

5. Make sure the vegetable oil is hot before you place the potatoes in. you'll take a look at the oil by swing one fry in there. If it starts preparation directly, and quickly, the oil is prepared.

6. Cook the potato slices within the oil till they're golden brown. don't burn them, as they'll taste absolutely disgusting.

7. Cool the cooked  french-fried potatoes. Add salt (optional) whereas still hot to stay the flavor in. Set them on the counter or a vicinity with temperature to chill. If you commit to eat the french fries while they are still hot, you'll burn your tongue.
 French Fries is ready to eat with sauce or salt and pepper.


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